A sensational sensory summer in St Philips

Beyond Submergence and Wake the Tiger join forces with double ticket promotion

Propyard and Wake the Tiger have come together to provide visitors with the opportunity to experience both Beyond Submergence and Wake the Tiger 

Two of Bristol’s biggest attractions are offering visitors a one-of-a-kind deal which allows them to immerse themselves in a full day of sensory magic. From 22 July 2023 until 3 September 2023, those looking for the perfect day out needn’t look further than St. Philips as Propyard and Wake the Tiger have partnered to present: Wake the Tiger & Submergence.  

From the Cheltenham-based renowned art collective, Squidsoup, Beyond Submergence spans across 20,000sq ft and showcases Squidsoup’s mastery of light, sound, scale, movement and technology. As visitors travel through the exhibition, they should expect emotive and spectacular displays of light and colour that blurs the boundaries between the work and the spaces they inhabit.

Wake The Tiger invites visitors  to wander its unique, ever-evolving world of creativity. Transporting visitors into the alternate world of Meridia, the experience is a multi-layered labyrinth of hidden forests, ice caves, mushrooms and secret passageways. Featuring artworks, installations, narrative, soundscape, secret passageways and more, upwards of 180,000 tickets to this permanent attraction have been sold so far.

Adult tickets for both experiences will be available to purchase for £29.50, teens for £24.00 and children for £15.00 through Bristol’s experience-experts, Yuup. The combination ticket is valid for one day only, and users must visit both attractions on the same day, which is no problem as they are both just a 15 minute walk away from each other. 

Lucy Jarjoura, Sales & Marketing Director at Wake The Tiger said: “Coming together is just a no-brainer for us this summer. We both have the same goal, to provide the city with a fantastic day out, and being just 15 minutes away from each other, this new partnership should appeal to tourists and residents alike to experience the world-class attractions Bristol has on offer.” 

James Joiner, Business and Partnerships at Propyard, said: “I can’t believe we’ve not come together to provide the city with something like this sooner! We’re so close in the heart of St. Philips, and the idea of doing a joint offer has always been on the table, but with the arrival of Squidsoup, it’s the perfect time to do this and we can’t wait for Bristol and beyond (Submergence!) to get lost in the two worlds.”

Already at the top of the list for must-see attractions and exhibitions this year, this brand new partnership is the ideal excuse to finally step out and witness the magic of Propyard and Wake the Tiger. Tickets will be available from 22 July 2023 until 3 September 2023 with some exemptions on dates. 

For more information on the Wake the Tiger & Submergence, head to Yuup where dates and tickets are available. Follow both Wake the Tiger and Propyard on social media and check out their websites for more details. 



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