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The Dream Factory

Step through the portal

An ancient tree has stopped construction of some luxury apartments. What you stumble across is the opportunity to step through a portal into an alternate world; the world of Meridia. If you dare to take the leap, you’ll be transported into The Dream Factory in Meridia; a world of Explorers, Alchemists & Adventurers staging wild experiments to find the solutions to their world’s problems…not too dissimilar to our own world’s.

On this self-guided journey, you will explore 27 unique art installations with themes of connection and innovation, inspiration and discovery. From the underground networks of the Mycelium Room at the factory’s core, to the intergalactic explorations that await near the end of the journey, a world of intrigue and inspiration awaits.

"Pure escapism but with a serious message."
"A true portal to a different world."
"Perfect experience for all ages."
"Incredible immersive experience!!! So well thought out, a real journey. So many wonderful secret parts and ways to explore."
"Great concept!! This place is a real labyrinth, full of rooms to discover!"
"Advertised as an amazement park, I can see why - powerful, creative & fun."
"Cool concept and it was as wacky as I hoped it would be."