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Welcome to the world’s first Amazement Park and the UK’s largest immersive art experience.

Wake The Tiger is a hyper-reality, self-guided, voyage of discovery through kaleidoscopic realms of the imagination.


  • Full 360-degree sets with interactive elements
  • State-of-the-art theming, robots & a slide
  • 40+ spaces with wild and surreal art installations
  • Including 2 out-of-this-world levels:
    • Discover the world of Meridia and how the inhabitants are trying to fix it
    • Transcend to the OUTERverse and experience a journey into the mind
  • An average 2-3 hours spent on site
  • No time limits (other than our opening times), so go round as many times as you want
  • Great feedback from those with SEND
  • Fully-themed Cafe accessible at all times
  • Unique Gift Shop full of curiosities and keepsakes
  • Pay-to-Park available onsite

Based in Bristol, Wake The Tiger is a family attraction like no other for all ages… you’ll have to see it to believe it!

"Pure escapism but with a serious message."
"A true portal to a different world."
"Perfect experience for all ages."
"Incredible immersive experience!!! So well thought out, a real journey. So many wonderful secret parts and ways to explore."
"Great concept!! This place is a real labyrinth, full of rooms to discover!"
"Advertised as an amazement park, I can see why - powerful, creative & fun."
"Cool concept and it was as wacky as I hoped it would be."

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