The Story With Josie Gibson

The long awaited story of Wake The Tiger is here, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to share this than Bristol’s iconic, much-loved, one-and-only, Josie Gibson. So grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the journey.

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Inquisitive visitors on planet Earth continue to enter an abandoned paint factory once owned by Meridia Luxury Homes, who were hoping to build luxury apartments.

Their plans were abruptly stopped, they say due to market conditions, however, word on the street is that there were actually very strange happenings, including unprecedented mushrooms (we call funga), mysterious ooze and a very stubborn tree that got in the way.

As these visitors step deeper into the paint factory, they come across this ring of funga and it is said that these are portals to other worlds. As visitors pass through they see their surroundings start to blur as they journey to the alternate world of Meridia.

The visitor’s journey has officially begun.

Meridia has experienced near-complete climate and societal breakdown.

It once was a beautiful world, vibrant with life and consisting of many diverse environments such as arctic reefs, hot springs, ancient woodlands and even ice caves.

However, as a consequence of heavy industry, mass-consumerism, and the prioritisation of the economy over nature, these once rich and beautiful environments have suffered greatly, leading to mass-migration, loss of biodiversity, and scarcity of food, clean air and water. Meridia’s natural resources are now severely depleted to a level of only 5% (for context, Earth currently has 50% remaining).

An abandoned research facility, which had been left to rot in wake of the climate crisis has been made a home by a group of Meridians and renamed it The Dream Factory; a beacon of hope for the future of Meridia and the location of the recently discovered portal from Earth.

The Meridians have formed a community made up of four Guilds called the Explorers, Visionaries, Anarchists and Inventors, each aligned to one of the four elements, earth, air, fire & water. The Guilds explore alternative solutions to try and survive and salvage their deteriorating world, working tirelessly to restore Meridia’s ecosystems and conserve its remaining flora and fauna through wild experiments in every corner of The Dream Factory.

As you delve deeper you discover the results of the Guild’s groundbreaking experiments, in particular, the transformative power of funga. As the mycelium network spreads throughout the factory and the funga begins to grow, the air is becoming clearer, the waters are purifying, and dead plants are coming back to life.

Towards the rear of the factory is the Sanctuary, a revered place where the Guilds come together to tinker and test the power of this funga. Extraordinarily, when harmoniously balanced, the four funga unlock a fifth element called Aether which, once harnessed, gives the ability to transcend the world of Meridia.

Visitors, like the Meridians, are challenged to trust in Aether and follow the path through the interdimensional cracks the funga has created, to allow access to……the OUTERverse.

The OUTERverse cannot easily be explained. It is a soul-searching, mind-bending, personal voyage where your adventure is not just a destination; it’s a state of mind.

Everyone has the power to experience this journey, but only those who truly connect will reach a higher state; a dimension beyond imagination.