The Experience

You’ve got your ticket to Wake The Tiger, but now you want to know what happens next. To get the most out of your experience, you should understand what on earth has been happening here!

On arrival you will explore an abandoned paint factory once owned by Meridia Luxury Homes, initially intended for luxury apartments, but instead uncover mysterious occurrences such as unprecedented mushrooms, mysterious ooze, and a stubborn tree. As you venture deeper, you encounter a ring of funga, believed to be portals to other worlds.

Passing through, you appear in the alternate world of Meridia, devastated by climate and societal breakdown due to industrialization and mass-consumerism. You find yourself in the Dream Factory, an abandoned research facility repurposed by four Guilds aligned to the elements; Air, Earth, Fire & Water. The Guilds work tirelessly to restore Meridia’s ecosystems, utilising the transformative power of funga.

The Sanctuary, where harmonised funga unlock a fifth element called Aether, becomes a focal point for experimentation. You are challenged to trust in Aether, follow interdimensional cracks created by funga, and access the OUTERverse, an indescribable space offering a soul-searching and mind-bending personal voyage.

Connecting with the OUTERverse leads to a dimension beyond imagination, offering a transformative experience for those who truly connect.

What to expect

Wake The Tiger’s out-of-this-world experience is a self-guided, walk-through labyrinth of exploration which begins in an abandoned paint factory before journeying into the Dream Factory, and finally transcending to the OUTERverse. For both the young and young at heart, showcasing more than 40 spaces, it encourages visitors to discover and interact with the incredible art, and for those who value a deeper connection, dive into the story behind this unbelievably, challenged alternate world.

This soul-searching experience will take visitors on a limit-pushing voyage where adventure is not just a destination, but a state of mind…some may say a dimension beyond imagination.