Sensory Sensitive Sessions

Our sensory sensitive sessions are for anyone who could find a visitor attraction overwhelming when open to the general public, perhaps preferring less people and where any sensory-stimulation is managed, including the lights and sounds. These sessions are also open to family members, friends and carers, and we offer them once a month.

Dates in 2024 are: 14th March, 18th April, 16th May, 13th June, 18th July, 9th August, 5th September, 3rd October, 7th November & 5th December. You can buy tickets, select one of these dates and a suitable time now by clicking the below button.

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Our Sensory Sensitive Sessions are an opportunity to experience this immersive walk-through that takes into account people with sensory needs.

It is for people who could potentially find a visitor attraction overwhelming when open to the general public. They may prefer less people and where anything sensory stimulating is managed, including the lights and sounds.

These sessions would also be for the families, siblings, friends and carers of those who would prefer a Sensory Sensitive Session.

If you or someone you know would like to experience a Sensory Sensitive Session at Wake The Tiger, just complete the form on this page. We limit each 15 minute session to 20 people.
Once a booking form has been completed, we will be in touch to process the booking and send a payment link via text to the organiser. Once paid, the confirmation and e-ticket emails will be issued.
Tickets will be available on a first come first served basis and our team will always try and help you find an alternative date if your preferred date/time is fully booked.
Please note that the Sensory Sensitive Sessions last one hour, however you are welcome to stay in the attraction for as long as you want. A member of staff will inform each group 5 minutes before general bookings start to come through and when the lights/sounds will be reverted to standard levels. 
If you would like to highlight anything that would improve the experience on the day, although optional, we welcome you sharing this.

We aim to run sessions twice a month, one weekday and one weekend session. Available dates are shown in the booking form and new dates are added regularly.

Sensory Sensitive Sessions cost the same as our standard tickets. There’s no additional cost to attend one.

Yes there is, and it is called The Guildhall. It can be accessed at the end of the experience with an amazing range of fresh food and drink made on site by our wonderful kitchen team.

For Sensitive Sensory Sessions we do also allow food and drink to be brought and consumed in the Café Bar, although where possible try to avoid food and drink in the experience itself.

Yes there is, however please note it does not currently have a hoist. Additionally there are hand dryers in all the toilets, however we understand the noise can be uncomfortable for some, so for the first hour during the Sensitive Sensory Session we will switch the hand dryers off and ensure paper towels are available.

We do have a manual wheelchair which can be pre-booked for free. Just mention it in the booking form (as there is only one it will be first come first serve). The same with sound-cancelling headphones; we have 2 which can be pre-booked for free via the booking form.

We have created an accessibility guide which you can read before your visit.

We open Wake The Tiger to the general public one hour after the Sensory Sensitive Sessions begin. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours plus to walk through the experience, and whilst we will do everything we can to maintain these sessions sensitively, there may be a point, particularly in the Café Bar, whereby the experience will become busier.

We love feedback, so whatever it is we can take it. It helps us grow and improve. If you would like to offer any feedback or suggestions before or after then you can email [email protected]. Equally during the session you can also talk to a member of staff.