UnicornFest Trail

July - September

So above, so below, so within, so without

Wake The Tiger is so excited to welcome our unicorn this Summer as part of the UnicornFest Trail, in support of the inspiring charity Leukaemia Care. We commissioned incredible Artist, Michele Curtis, to design Wake The Tiger’s unicorn, and oh my, what a beautiful sight it is. Not only that but the ethos and meaning so passionately fits with Wake The Tiger’s vision to use the power of creativity to inspire a world that works for all. It is in its’ new home until September so head on down and check it out.

Unicorn name & words from Artist Michele Curtis:

So above, so below, so within, so without.

“This design is an ode to humanity and my African ancestry. We are steadily destroying each other and our planet. We are intimately interconnected and interdependent on each other and the universe. One cannot survive without the other. Race, ethnicity, gender and orientation are all insignificant in the grand scheme of life. Night and day represent the universe and the divine feminine and masculine energies respectively, which we all possess within. The earth and sky combined represent our connection to the earth and each other. I have recently discovered my ancestry. I am Bantu who look to the earth and Dogon who looked to the sky for spiritual and survival guidance. Our surroundings tell us everything we need to know about ourselves and each other.”