Danse Macabre 2022

A Samhain Celebration

Reflecting on the 2022 Halloween spectacle “Danse Macabre” hosted by Wake The Tiger, it was an unforgettable evening where the past and future collided. As the first-ever event at the world’s initial Amazement Park®, it set a high bar.

The immersive backdrop of Meridia’s Dream Factory was the perfect stage for performers, games, live bands, and DJs, captivating our adult audience from dusk till dawn.

Dressed for a post-apocalyptic future, guests danced through the night, embraced the theme of memento mori, and explored sustainability and social equality. The event marked a significant moment, blending interactive theatre with an intricate film set vibe, setting the stage for future gatherings.

The first event of its kind, proved to be not just a venue but an experience, heralding new beginnings with a message of hope and transformation.