Community Ticket Allocation

Inclusion is really important to us and our hope is we can make the experience accessible to as many people as possible, particularly reducing any financial barriers to entry.

With this in mind we have created a community ticket allocation, offering a maximum of 4 tickets per request, specifically for individuals and families who are unemployed, on low income or for anyone that accessing our experience is not possible due to financial means.

Immersive art experience at Wake The Tiger. Group of friends enjoying the event.

Please complete the below form and those successful will be contacted at the beginning of the next month. If successful, you will need to have booked by the month the code is issued in. If you do not hear back then on this occasion you have been unsuccessful, but you are welcome to apply again in the future, as long as you have not been gifted tickets via this process within the same calendar year.

You can also request up to 2 tickets as a raffle prize. If applying for tickets for a raffle, please only apply if your raffle is in the next month.