About Us

Wake The Tiger creates Amazement ParksĀ®; immersive experiences that combine story-telling, art and purpose in a journey of discovery. We do this whilst balancing environmental and societal impact alongside profit to ensure we are part of a sustainable future.

Our Vision

We want to use the power of creativity to inspire a world that works for all.

Aether Room at Wake The Tiger Immersive art experience.

Our Values


We encourage artistic freedom and challenge the impossible.


We build worlds that embrace connection, celebrating our differences.


We think radically, generate ideas and make a positive impact.

Interdimensional Boarding Gate (IDB Gate) at Wake The Tiger Immersive art experience.

Behind The Portal

Behind the portal stand the creators, the artists, the engineers, and the visionaries who tirelessly poured their hearts into every detail. Their dedication and passion transformed Wake The Tiger from an idea into an ever-growing masterpiece.