Summer Activity

19th June – 1st September

A thrilling scavenger hunt for all ages at Wake The Tiger

Embark on a summer adventure with Sundust Secrets.

There are seven letters scattered throughout the experience. Find them all and uncover the hidden word.

Even better, it is a FREE activity, already included in the price of your ticket.

How It Works

Search for the SECRET Notes.
  • The Meridians have hidden seven secret notes throughout the experience. Each note is crucial to uncovering the ultimate secret.
  • Each secret note is unique. Hidden on each note is a secret letter concealed, but which becomes transparent when exposed to heat. Simply place your hand on the note to reveal the hidden message beneath.
Collect the Letters.
  • Each secret note represents a colour of the rainbow and contains one letter of the secret code. Find all seven notes and uncover the secret word.
Reach the End of the Rainbow.
  • Once you’ve revealed all seven letters and deciphered the secret word, a pot of gold awaits. Scan the QR code, claim your prize and celebrate your successful scavenge!

An adventure awaits — are you ready to find the gold? Let the scavenge begin!

More information

Sundust is the Summer season in the alternate world of Meridia, encouraging everyone to be energised, transform and glow.

Rainbows and the beautiful, glistening pot of gold at the end of the colourful rainbow are what we are focusing on this Summer.

As part of this, Wake The Tiger are proud to support Bristol Pride and join city-wide celebrations of LGBTQ+ life, including being Bristol Pride Theatre partner sponsors. Additionally Wake The Tiger will take part in the march starting at Castle Green on Saturday 13th July. Come and join us or say hi if you spot our banner ????