Welcome To The OUTERverse

Double the SIZE! Double the AMAZEMENT!

The newest, out-of-this-world, immersive addition to the world’s first Amazement Park® has 15 new spaces and 1,000sq.m. added to another floor.

OUTERverse is a soul-searching, mind-bending, limit-pushing voyage into an absurd dimension beyond imagination where your adventure is not just a destination; it’s a state of mind.

Aether Room at Wake The Tiger Immersive art experience.

What To Expect

After exploring The Dream Factory, an abandoned research facility the last remaining Meridians are using to breath life back into their world, you will enter The Sanctuary and once the D.O.D.E.C. is activated, your journey to the OUTERverse begins.

Interdimensional Boarding Gate (IDB Gate) at Wake The Tiger Immersive art experience.

Your journey promises a transformative and metamorphic experience, where the power of collective consciousness (we call Thought Soup) guides you through the uncharted realms of self-discovery by inspiring you with creativity. Join us on this spectacular visual safari where every moment promises breath-taking visuals and awe-inspiring wonders; a dimension beyond imagination!

Powered By Thought Soup. Made By You.

Everything in the OUTERverse is made of the collective consciousness. We call it Thought Soup! The ooze you see everywhere? That’s what that is.

There is just one question to answer...