Adults Only: After Hours

Got a mate or a date and looking for something a little more bonkers for your next evening get-together? And without any kids around?

That’s exactly what you’ll find at Wake The Tiger After Hours: the ultimate immersive art installation amazement park in Bristol for adults only.

Friends enjoying Wake The Tiger, an immersive art experience in Bristol. In the Galaxy room.

Step through the portal into the captivating world of Meridia and voyage into the OUTERverse, complete with plant-based small plates, a fully licensed bar and a student discount.

You’ll venture into the alternate world of Meridia, where you’ll encounter enchanting creatures, dazzling landscapes and hidden secrets. You’ll transcend into the OUTERverse, where the ordinary transforms into the EXTRAordinary, propelling you beyond the confines of the mundane.

This 18+ event is the perfect opportunity to explore the park at your own pace, discover every wonderful corner and get some incredible (and hilarious) photographs. You’ll also enjoy exclusive access to the Guildhall Café Bar with access until 11pm: the perfect evening out in Bristol.

What's Included?

Your ticket includes:

  • Exploration of the captivating world of Meridia
  • Arrive anytime from 7pm
  • You choose when to access the experience between 7pm & 9pm
  • Last entry into the experience 9pm
  • Exclusive access to The Guildhall Bar
  • Board games and a payable photo booth